GendL Self Start Tutorials

Welcome to the GendL Self-Start Tutorials, which are a set of training materials aimed at getting you up and running with GendL and introducing you to some of the development tools and techniques.

So what is GendL?

GendL is a dynamic, declarative, object-oriented language environment embedded in ANSI Common Lisp (CL).

It consists of a collection of predefined objects, code-expansion macros, and functions which you, the GendL application developer, may either use directly or extend, to solve problems of any level of complexity decomposed into manageable units.

GendL includes geometric primitives and has a built-in web server to facilitate cross-platform deployment.

GendL is open source (under the Gnu AGPL license) and has been ported to several ANSI Common Lisp implementations, including Allegro CL, LispWorks, Clozure CL (CCL), Steel Bank Common Lisp (SBCL), and Clasp. There is also a commercial version offering proprietary/closed-source distribution rights, full levels of technical support and with some extra features like surface and solid modelling. The commercial version is packaged with Allegro CL from Franz Inc.

About These tutorials

The tutorials are designed to be self-paced learning resources and where appropriate contain example code files which may be downloaded. It is recommended that the first two tutorials, Installing GendL and Getting Started with GendL are completed in that order - after that we move into more specific or advanced subjects which may be undertaken as required. Within each tutorial there are a number of topics, which we would suggest are undertaken in the order presented.